Rocket League’s new Rocket Labs playlist is a test zone for wacky new maps

Rocket League rocket labs

Rocket League rolls ever onwards as one of last year’s biggest surprise hits. Psyonix have started to take steps to support the game’s competitive scene without losing its pick up ‘n’ play fun that won it a fair few game of the year awards. Along with Season 2’s matchmaking changes, Rocket Labs is a part of that – a new, seperate playlist that is intended to be a testing ground for stranger ways to play they don’t want to inflict on serious players just yet.

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So, later in February the playlist will go live with three maps. They break down like this:

  • Utopia Retro, a large, circular map that’s based on the game’s predecessor, the excellently namedSupersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars
  • Underpass, which is less of a flat plane and features hills for more interesting aerials
  • Double Goal, self-explanatorily impossible to keep a clean sheet on this one.

New maps will go in as and when they’re created. It’s effectively a testing environment, one where imbalances can be worked out but still provide a fun new way to play for those that want it. They’ll migrate these maps over to more competitive modes if they’re deemed suitable.

Thanks, Gamespot.