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Rockstar almost made GTA: Tokyo, have begun on GTA 6

GTA Tokyo

Rockstar were planning on setting a Grand Theft Auto game in Tokyo around the time of GTA3 and Vice City's release, Techradar reports.

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The game was eventually canned when the road system in Japan was seen to be problematic for the team after carrying out reference trips.

Before beginning development on games, the studio sends employees on trips to take photographs of surroundings as well as talk to locals and take notes on the area from a design perspective.

In December 2003, Rockstar's publisher Take-Two Interactive filed trademarks for GTA: Tokyo, GTA: Bogota and GTA: Sin City. The latter could possibly refer to Las Vegas, a popular nickname for the desert city which ended up being depicted in 2004's GTA San Andreas under the alias Las Venturas.

The source TechRadar gained information from stated that Rockstar were "serious" about their Japanese attempt, however the developer has now realised the difficulty of trying to move the series outside of the USA. Series staples, such as cars and brands, would be need to be changed for another location.

They also confirmed that preliminary work on GTA 6 had begun but did not give a location as the setting had not yet been decided upon.

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