Romero’s Aftermath surpasses 1 million players


It seems like people just can’t get enough of half finished, post-apocalyptic survival games, especially the ones with zombies in them. Romero’s Aftermath is a free-to-play (though the developers use the terminology ‘free-to-win’) take on the Day-Z formula.

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Romero’s Aftermath is a collaboration between Free Reign Entertainment and the son of legendary horror director George A Romero, George Cameron Romero. It’s a survival game riding on the coattails of Romero’s classic zombie flicks.

But I suppose the name ‘Romero’s Aftermath’ is more appealing than ‘Basically the Sequel to The War Z’. Because that’s what it is. Remember how people loved that game?

It’s a similar state of affairs on Romero’s Aftermath’s Steam page, with reviews full of negativity, from the feedback of the weapons to the unfair economy that’s apparently geared towards milking its players.

None of this has stopped people playing, though, since over one million people have played Romero’s Aftermath since it launched its open beta a month back.

“When we started development of Romero’s Aftermath we wanted to provide gamers with a fresh survival horror gameplay experience that would bring some excitement to the genre,” said Adam Skidmore, design lead at Free Reign Entertainment.

“Now that we’ve surpassed one million players we see that our approach to development combined with George C Romero’s input is exactly what players wanted. We hope to see more gamers join in the fun and have Aftermath be their go-to survival-horror game.”

If you want to join the masses, you can get the game for free here. Or you can download it on Steam, but the developers would rather you didn’t, because you might see the reviews.