Rune II is headed to PC in November

It's been 20 years, but the sequel to Rune is finally ready.

Rune II finally has an official release date. The Viking-themed third-person hack-and-slasher will arrive on the Epic Games Store November 12.

A new trailer gives you a taste of what to expect with this long-awaited and much-delayed follow-up to Human Head’s 2000 original game. You are, naturally, a Viking warrior, and you’ll choose to pledge allegiance to one of three Norse gods: Thor, Hel, or Odin.

The god you swear fealty to will determine the powers you have available, it seems. Serving Hel, for instance, grants the ability to summon mean-looking ice spikes from the ground. Thor, naturally, lets you borrow his mighty hammer Mjölnir, which appears to be forged from lightning. It’s not immediately clear from the trailer what powers Odin bestows, but at one point we do see a meteor hurtling toward the earth, and I’m going to guess that’s probably an Odin thing.

Powers are all well and good of course, but let’s get real here: In Rune II, you’re a Viking, which means you’ll be doing a lot of axe-swinging in this game, and ideally having the sharp end make contact with bad guys.

Grab your least historically accurate helmet and check out the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The overall goal here is to serve as the gods’ chosen champion in Midgard, where you’ll be racing against time to stop Loki and end Ragnarok. You know: normal Viking stuff.

Rune II will have a campaign you can play either solo or co-op. You’ll be fighting both man and beast, as well as at least one extremely large dragon.