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Runescape 3 launches with the Battle of Lumbridge event


Jagex’s longrunning MMO, Runescape, has made the jump to HTML 5 and re-released as Runescape 3. The jump brings with it a visual overhaul, new interface system, and six hours of new music, as well as a host of other improvements.

The new client has launched and is available on the game’s site. You’ll be able to login with all your old account details, too.

The big sells of the new release are game events like the Battle of Lumbridge, which sees you taking part in a battle between two of the world’s deities. Depending on your actions you can influence that battle to go in either gods’ favour.

There’s also a new highscore table to see how well you’re performing against other players.

Jagex have published a stonking great infographic to tell you what’s happened since Runescape launched back in 2001.