Runescape Anachronia Totems: every Totem discovered so far in the Land Out of Time

There are Totem pieces scattered all around the new island of Anachronia, here’s where to search for these helpful timesavers

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Runescape Totems will save you heaps of time when it comes to completing a specific action or activity, such as farming or completing clue scrolls. There are a total of seven Runescape Totems scattered around the new island of Anachronia and to get each one and its powerful benefits you’ll need to collect three different pieces. That’s a total of 21 Runescape Totem pieces spread across the new Land Out of Time area.

To gather all of these up you will need to complete a range of activities across the island, covering everything from Slayer tasks and the massive new Agility course, to hunting big dinosaurs and helping the local Herby Werby population – you’ll have to try a little bit of everything to get every Totem piece out there.

Join us as we outline where you can find each of the seven Runescape Anachronia Totems, as well as tell you what they do – you don’t want to waste your time getting a Totem you’ll probably never use. Bear in mind that some of these Totems are tied to activity completion, so there’s more work to do than merely running around the island.

Runescape Anachronia Totems

Here’s a list of every Totem on Anachronia and how to get each Totem piece:

Totem of Abyss

Place the Totem down and you can teleport to it from anywhere
You can get the top piece by racking up 200 points from Herby Werby, and the middle piece as a random drop from Big Game Hunter. Finally, you can grab the bottom by searching the rubble near some yellow salamanders and some grenwalls – this is on the southern tip of the island.

Totem of Aura

15% reduction in Aura cooldown
You’ll need to find all 60 Zygomites to grab the top piece of the Totem of Aura. The middle is a random drop from killing dinosaurs or plants. The final part can be grabbed from the Agility course on the island.

Totem of Crystal

Elf clan ban reduced by five minutes
The top and base can be earned from Agility course and the Herby Werby minigame respectively. The final piece can be found in some rubble south of where the Feral Dinosaurs spawn (north side of island).

Totem of Intimidation

Removes kill count requirement for first stage of God War Dungeon
You’ll need to complete the Helping Laniakea miniquest to grab one piece, then grab the second piece by killing dinosaurs and plants. The final piece is hidden in some rubble northeast of some rubble on the northeast tip of the island.

Totem of Navigation

Ships return to port 10% faster
You’ll need to find 40/60 Zygomites to clear grab one piece, then you can grab a second piece by completely clearing out an overgrown idol and searching it. The last piece is once again hidden in rubble, just east of Laniakea on the southeast of the island.

Totem of Summoning

Your Familiars will hang around for 10% longer
All three pieces can be gained from activities on the island: slay dinosaurs or plants, complete Agility course obstacles, and take part in Big Game Hunter activities.

Totem of Treasure

One less step to complete clue scrolls
You’ll get the first part of this by finding 20 Zygomites, while the other pieces will come from Big Game Hunter and Agility course activities.

The Land out Of Time Map (incomplete) from runescape

If you’re stuck tracking down some of these on the island then there’s a fantastic map above courtesy of Reddit (thanks, u/mil_anakin).

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And there you have it, all seven Runescape Totems in Anachronia and what activities you’ll need to finish them off. Hopefully we’ve saved you as much time as these Totems will as you continue to skill, skill, and skill again.