Runescape creators return for one last quest as anniversary present to the game

Gower Quest

Runescape is now old enough to have anniversaries, fifteen of them in fact, and for the latest the game’s original creators – the Gower brothers Andrew, Paul and Ian – have returned to design a single, free to play quest. Descriptively if unimaginatively The Gower Quest, it features the brothers personified as mages within the game, a growing mystery and lots and lots of cabbages.

Where does the classic rate on your list of the best MMORPGs?

It’s even got its very own trailer, released last week:

Rewards are unique and the plot is silly, it’s designed as a light-hearted gift to a community that’s approaching adulthood. Those who’ve spent the entire of the recent past immersed in the game will find plenty a reference designed for them alone, with Jagex promising “a love letter packed with nods and winks to vintage RuneScape memes and jokes.”

It’s already accessible in-game as of a couple of days back and you can get access via the official site. Full details on how to accept the quest, and complete it, are available on the fan-wiki.