Runescape developers will be covered in pink ‘unicorn poo’ as part of 24 hour charity marathon


Runescape makers Jagex are to take part in the 2016 version of Gameblast, a charity streaming marathon ran by special effect to help those with physical disabilities be able to play videogames. Gameblast 16 will take place tomorrow, starting at midday GMT and running through to Saturday at the same time. The whole thing’s being streamed on Twitch and for every £5,000 raised, one of Runescape’s developers will be covered in pink gunge. Hooray for ’90s gameshows.

They’ve even got a trailer to get you excited for it:

Along with taking general donations and putting members of the community team through unicorn hell, a charity auction will take place for various collectibles and tech items. You can already see what’s up for grabs on eBay. This plus everything you’d expect – gaming challenges, big-name Runescape streamers and more.

To tune in, head to the Runescape Twitch channel tomorrow. Donations are being ran through JustGiving, while in-game Runescape players get a double-XP weekend. More info, if you need it, on the official site.