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Feature-length Runescape documentary gets Zezima on camera, celebrates 15 years of MMO

Runescape returning player

Everyone played Runescape at some point, right? I remember when I first stepped into its confusing MMO world. I followed this high-level player around until they gave me a rune battleaxe to sell, like an absolute pest. I sold it and got a bunch of gold. It was great. 

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Later on, I made a new friend. I told them about the generosity of this stranger, and they asked me to loan them the money, saying they would pay it back with interest the next day. Stupidly, I handed it over. I still remember what he said: “Haha, this is why we won the war.” I still don’t know what that means, but I never saw him again, thank god.

If you want to hear more stories about Runescape, there’s a new documentary that’s free to watch on YouTube, charting the MMO’s highs and lows over the 15 years it’s been around.

“Narrated by Danny Wallace, Runescape: 15 Years of Adventure explores the origins of the game, through to its explosive growth in the early noughties and into a brand that has today generated more than $750,000,000 and welcomed over 250,000,000 players to its world of adventurous fantasy since 2001,” says the official blurb.

The documentary has interviews with a bunch of industry folk and other key figures from the game. Even Zezima, the most famous Runescape player in the world, makes an appearance. Have a watch above.