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Runescape finally gets raids, 10-player groups will travel to a new world

Runescape raid

Runescape, one of the longest-running MMOs, has finally picked up what is generally considered a core element of the genre: raids. The game’s first raid come in the form of a 10-player journey through the new world of Mazcab fighting the minions of Tuska: a god who was defeated in a recent Runescape world event.

“We are truly excited to finally bring raids to RuneScape,” said David Osborne, lead designer of RuneScape in a press release. “Their introduction brings added depth to the current ‘endgame’ for high-level players, offering up the toughest boss in the game, as well as a raft of great content including mini-quests, exclusive rewards and stacks of other content for our players to engage with.”

Players can travel to Mazcab through a portal found ontop of Tuska’s corpse. As well as the raid, the new zone has a variety of mini-quests, a PvP mini-game, and a procedurally-generated forest to explore. Inside players can discover new rewards such as level 90 tank armour, and three new pets.

The Mazcab raid is for members only, so you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription to get involved.