Runescape: Idle Adventures is a casual RPG born from Jagex and Hyper Hippo partnership

RuneScape Idle Adventures

Hyper Hippo – the team behind AdVenture Capitalist – and RuneScape developers Jagex have announced a collaboration that sees the pair begin work on RuneScape: Idle Adventures. Billed as a “miniature RPG experience”, Idle Adventures will let players enjoy a RuneScape-themed game “in just a few moments each day”.

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Due for a spring release on Steam, Idle Adventures will see elements of Hyper Hippo’s popular AdVenture Capitalist sewn into the familiar RuneScape world – most notably its pick-up-and-play style.

Incedently, RuneScape: Idle Adventures marks the first time Jagex has worked with an external developer to make a RuneScape game.

“In RuneScape: Idle Adventures players take on the role of a magnificent new RuneScape hero who sets out to nurture the world through noble efforts, including nothing less than fishing and growing cabbage,” reads the game’s press release. “Players can look forward to the joys of RuneScape questing and monster fighting seen through a very different pair of eyes, dealing with beloved characters and mortal enemies alike.”

While not in any way opposed to the idea of making games catered to those with less time on their hands, I’m not sure how this model will translate to an RPG. Part of the deal with role-playing games, as far as I see it, is that you’re expected to spend hours at a time delving into their worlds and characters and plotlines.

Then again, AdVenture Capitalist has shifted over 10 million copies to date, so what do I know? It’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out in any event.

“The emerging idle genre is starting to make a real impact, with novel gameplay experiences propelling idle games into the Steam and mobile top charts,” says Phil Mansell, VP of RuneScape. “We think there are lots more innovative experiences to come, especially when blending narrative and RPG aspects with idle gameplay.”

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is due to arrive on Steam this spring.