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Runescape players donate $160,000 to charity

runescape well of goodwill jagex

Jagex opened Runescape’s Well of Goodwill throughout November, allowing players to donate bonds, coins and items to charity.

You might be thinking that charities have little use for the virtual pickaxes and piles of coal players were throwing into the Well, and you’d be right. However, the value of the items and coins thrown into the Well is converted into real money by Jagex.

Over 512 billion gold was donated in the month of November alone, raising $160,158 for the three selected charities.

More than 70,000 players took part, Jagex say. “Over 512 billion gold was donated throughout November, and together with the money raised from Bond donations and tunic sales you have raised a staggering $160,158, which will be sent to AbleGamers, DonateGames, and YoungMinds on your behalf.”

Jagex ran the same season of giving last year, and to great effect, raising $90,000.

The split of the money was chosen by the players, giving AbleGamers $49,301, DonateGames $50,630, and YoungMinds $60,227.

More than a trillion gold’s been thrown in the Well of Goodwill since it was first opened last year.