Dying Light gets a crossover with survival game Rust

Rust has come to Dying Light on PC, with new weapons, skins, and challenges

The worlds of Rust and horror game Dying Light have collided. A crossover event has come to Techland’s survival-horror game, bringing a bunch of new in-game items and challenges based on Facepunch Studios’ multiplayer survival game on PC.

The Dying Light x Rust crossover event is now live for players on our home platform and runs for a limited period of time, until 6pm UK / 1pm ET / 10am PT on April 26. All Dying Light players will get access to a free Rust-themed bundle as part of the crossover, which brings three weapons based on the multiplayer game: an assault rifle, custom SMG, and salvaged cleaver. Completing research bounties locally by scooping up resources will let you earn gold blueprint upgrades for the Rust-style weapons. The bundle also includes some skins for your player character and buggy inspired by Facepunch’s title.

Alongside these, the event challenges Dying Light players around the world to collaborate in taking out two new Rais’ outposts and bandits, as well as finding some air drops in its world to earn themselves access to gold fire, gold freezing, and gold poison C4 dockets.

The crossover additionally brings some new enemy types to Dying Light, such as Rust-style outpost scientists armed with assault rifles and SMGs and a new ‘Bucket Helmet’, zombie variant. You’ll find an increased enemy presence in spots like Old Town and the Slums, with more bandits and zombies to take out, while the event’s in full swing.

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If you’re keen to get more of an idea of what Dying Light x Rust brings, you can head to the former’s site here for the dev announcement post. The game’s also 66% off on Steam right now (or there’s a bundle of Rust and Dying Light 47% off as of writing) if you’re not currently a player but keen to pick them up.