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Rust is getting an underwater biome, underwater dungeons, and fishing

All in this month's Going Deep update.

You can expect there to be a bit of a watery theme to Rust this month. Developer Facepunch Studios has revealed that this month’s Going Deep update introduces an underwater biome with procedural underwater lab dungeons, submarines, torpedoes, sharks, spear guns, fishing, and underwater ambience effects.

You’ll find the new underwater labs on the ocean floor in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can access two entry points with a submarine to find various puzzles, enemies, and loot. If you fancy doing some prep ahead of time, you can connect to a vast network of CCTV cameras. Want some downtime? The mess hall room might have a selection of high stakes poker, music, and cooking for you to engage with with your group.

Speaking of submarines, you’ll be able to buy those from the boat shops at fishing villages. A two-person sub has internal fuel access and an instrument cluster, including rudimentary sonar, whereas the single-person sub doesn’t have any instruments. Both subs do, though, have torpedoes, so have fun with that.

It’s worth noting, though, that submarines do decay like rowboats and the RHIB speedboat, so you best look after them. They won’t decay for the first 45 minutes of not being used, but they’ll start to lose health after that unless they’re left indoors.

A Rust player uses the new fishing function

We’ve also got fishing! Facepunch says that the handmade fishing rod is now fully functional and ready for use. You’ll need to equip a bait in the lure slot of the rod to get started. You can use various foods as bait, with their value being displayed in the item formation.

You can try to catch eight new types of fish, such as herrings, anchovies, sardines, yellow perches, catfishes, small sharks, salmon, and orange roughies.

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