Rust’s May update sees the survival game go nuclear

A new Rust update adds the Nuclear Missile Silo as part of its May patch notes, bringing a new location to one of the most popular survival games on Steam.

The Rust May update takes one of the best survival games on Steam nuclear. The Rust May patch notes are headlined by the addition of an all-new monument, the Nuclear Missile Silo. This new location can be found lurking under a rather unassuming military base, and promises all manner of valuable rewards for players brave enough to explore it.

The R-U-S-T update (that’s Repopulation Unit Survival Test) places this new location somewhere on the map, with it most easily being spotted by the presence of a tall radio tower. Trying to get inside the underground base might prove difficult, although there is one easy solution – wait for the large, ominous hatch to open and simply jump in.

Once underground, you’ll be able to explore “a deep underground missile silo that hosts a massive ICBM.” Importantly, that rather bold entrance method we just described does mean that getting back out might prove a lot tougher than getting in, so be sure you’re prepared for whatever you might encounter inside first.

As for what that might be, a new type of Scientist can be found in the corridors – one that will shoot at anyone who might be looking to disrupt their experiments. If you’re able to fight through, gathering loot and taking down enemies, you’ll eventually reach the elevators down to the base of the structure, where you’ll find the warm, red glow of a laptop counting down to nuclear armageddon.

Rust - a small military base in a field, with a giant circular hatch in the middle

The bunker area also lets you access security cameras around the facility, letting you spy on any other players who might be exploring its halls. You’ll also be able to reach the security room – your one chance to exit back to the surface, clutching your newfound gear.

This facility will also be tied into the Rust wipe cycle, with NPC activity around the island increasing as the countdown timer approaches zero. Developer Facepunch Studios promises all manner of wipe events in the future, including infantry and vehicle patrols, fighter jet flyovers and bombing runs, and even more beyond.

The R-U-S-T update promises to be one of the most intense and exciting Rust patches yet, with the introduction of this dangerous new facility. Beyond that, there’s buffs to both the Thompson and MP5 SMGs to make them slightly more useful at longer ranges, along with the addition of a new Adobe building skin in the Rust store to change the look of your base.

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Rust patch notes – May update

The R-U-S-T update is now live. Here are the Rust patch notes for May 2023:


  • Adobe building skin
  • New monument: Missile silo
  • New event: Wipe day
  • Flashbangs now work against Scientists
  • New world models for different rifle and pistol ammo types


  • The Thompson and MP5 have received a buff to their accuracy. Both weapons will now have a higher probability to land center hits during extended fully automatic fire. In addition, the Thompson recoil will favor one side for slightly easier control.
  • Added “UnderNonScaled” and “OverlayNonScaled” panels to community UI, content in these panels won’t get scaled by screen resolution
  • Added RF transmitter viewmodel admire animation
  • Added recycler animation
  • Improved internal error logging via
  • Only show steam nicknames when in team or player is friendly on the contact system
  • Added menu option to toggle Steam nicknames
  • Added ‘server_allow_steam_nicknames’ replicated convar to allow modded servers to disable Steam nicknames
  • Add menu option to use radial menu in toggle mode (trackpads)
  • Increased egg suit durability 25 -> 80
  • Phrases – removed a number of derogatory strings

Rust Nuclear Missile Silo - machines in an underground bunker


  • Fixed decal.clear console command not working on glass decals
  • Fixed two vehicle lifts placed right next to each other sometimes causing unusual vehicle issues
  • Fixed errors caused by cassette player recordings that were less than 200ms long
  • Cassette player recordings now record right from the exact start time (previously the first 200ms was skipped)
  • Fix high pop servers spawning loot slower as servers are up for longer
  • Fix being kicked from server when dragging water out of container
  • Fix right-clicking pumpkins from inventory putting them on your head (you must drag them)
  • Fix lag when opening sleeping bag “give friend” UI
  • Fixed stashes disappearing on deployment
  • Fixed Cargoship front clipping exploit
  • Fixed elevator clipping into the world layer
  • Fixed a number of keycard puzzle bypasses
  • Fixed map not able to be opened while spectating
  • Fixed missing team leader map markers on death


  • Restricted ability to disable workshop skins to developers
  • Removed green military crates from power lines

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