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Getting around Rust just got a whole lot easier with this new update

Rust’s world is incredibly hostile to everyone but a new update has given players a way to ride their way to survival on two wheels.

Getting around Rust just got a whole lot easier with this new update: A Rust player in a mask, holding a gun, perches atop a motorbike.

It’s been ten years since Rust first appeared on the scene as an early access title. Ten years of players raiding each other, killing with abandon, and struggling to survive to the next day. There are few games so loathed and loved by its playerbase as this, with even the most effusive praise wrapped in warnings about how it’ll bring misery too. Hopefully the world of Rust just got a little more pleasant in one way with new transport options that’ll make your next journey into the wilderness a bit quicker.

Vehicles have been a staple of Rust for many years. Players find them, work to spruce them up, and then promptly drive them off a cliff or into a wall. With the latest update for the legendary survival game a new pair of transport options has just arrived – ones that’ll be easier to get running once you find them, but are no less likely for you to encounter trouble in.

Bicycles and motorbikes are now able to be found throughout Rust’s world and unlike their larger cousins they’re much simpler to repair. Motorbikes in particular take some metal fragments to get back on their wheels, so you’ll be able to zip around in no time. You’ll also be able to find variants that let you take a passenger, helping keep enemies off your back should you run into an ambush.

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If you don’t have access to fuel but you’ve managed to secure food and water, bicycles may be a better option and similarly, they come with a version where you can give a friend a ride. Instead of sucking up your fuel reserves, they’ll consume your sustenance levels as you furiously pedal your way to your next destination. Slower but more easy to find, they should provide a way to bridge the gap between running everywhere and getting your hands on a gas-guzzler.

Elsewhere in the update, something a little less savory has arrived in the world of Rust. Players can now use prisoner hoods and handcuffs to take other people prisoner. When captured they can be shoved onto vehicles, have their inventories inspected, and they won’t even know where they’re going if they’re hooded. Thankfully there’s a way for prisoners to make a run for it and escape but it can be interrupted leading to an extended incarceration. There are also plenty of other new additions in this patch from a vendor event to dynamic vendor pricing, and much more.

The Road Renegades update for Rust is out now and you can head over to the Steam announcement to read the full patch notes. You can also save 33% on Rust until Thursday July 11 taking the price down to $26.79 / £23.44 from $39.99 / £34.99. Head over to the game’s store page to take advantage of this offer.

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