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Rust adds support for custom t-shirt skins in Steam Workshop


Perhaps most surprisingly, all the designs aren’t solely comprised of pictures of dicks. Somebody has immediately done this though. Well done, internet.

In a post on the official forums, Garry Newman revealed that he’d thrown together a tutorial for the first bit of workshop integration for head-meets-rock survival simulation Rust. It lets you put your own design on the game’s t-shirts with a simple skin replacement and he used the Facepunch logo as his example.

It’s some basic first steps for community mods that doesn’t allow for a massive amount of change yet, but more complex options “will be coming down the line.” Presumably it’s only a certain amount of time until every rock is replaced by Thomas The Tank Engine and you can play as a dinosaur if you want.

The best the community has managed so far is this cut-out smiley facethat leaves your nipples looking like eyes. A bunch of other designs have already made it online and expect many more in the coming days.

Garry’s looking for feedback in the thread.

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