Rust and Bone: Facepunch introduce cannibalism to their survival game

Rust: safe haven for monsters.

What is it with survival games? I know human dignity is the next thing to go after hot showers, but really: The Forest encourages players to build totems from dismembered enemies. DayZ allows players to siphon blood from the living. And now Facepunch have implemented functional cannibalism in Rust.

Facepunch head Garry Newman told followers of Rust’s update feed on Twitter that players are now able to harvest human meat and bones.

The update was introduced to the game’s experimental branch on Monday, alongside death by freezing, bleeding, drowning, starving and thirst.

Players now become corpses, which can be looted for up to six hours after they drop.

The Rust community will be pleased. On the Steam forums and on Reddit, they’ve been calling for human-harvesting for months. Also for wearable faces, ‘special leather’ suits, decorative ears and testicular door knockers.

But one step at a time, eh? The one thing they don’t remember about Buffalo Bill is that he was patient.