Rust gets safe zones where you’re gunned down if you break the rules

rust compound scuba gear diving

Rust might have finished its stay in Early Access, but the survival game shows no signs of slowing down with new content and further updates continuing apace. We’ve got another big update this week, bringing a whole bunch of new ways to explore underwater as well as something the game’s never seen before – a safe zone.

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The Compound is a new monument for the game, a scientist-controlled area with a handful of particular rules. Pretty normal stuff, like “no weapons,” “no looting,” and “no killing,” and as long as everyone follows those rules it’s fine. But if you do step out of line, the scientists – and their fancy new sentry turrets – will turn on you with lethal force.

Playing by the rules means you have a spot to interact with other players in the Compound, as well as access to a NPC vending machines trading in clothing, traps, weapons, tools, components, building supplies, and resources.

This update also brings some scuba gear, including diving goggles for improved visibility and an air tank to give you 10 minutes of underwater time. The gear can be used to explore new dive sites, including rock formations with respawning loot as well as the occasional sunken ship. That’s a perfect opportunity to make use of the recently-added rowboats to help haul up your loot.

The developers also promise some big fixes to prevent hacks and cheats, admitting that “the cheating situation has been far from ideal this year,” and adding “There’s no excuse for us not addressing these for as long as we have. We simply haven’t held up our end of the deal.” But the update should fix a host of issues, as detailed in the full announcement.