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Steam Survival Fest sale discounts include two of the greats

Among all the Steam Survival Fest games, two excellent picks stand out - and not just because most of the big names aren't actually on sale

Steam Survival Fest 2022 games: A survivor in Rust poses in a biohazard suit

The Steam Survival Fest sale games list is live now, and if you’re looking for the best survival games at a good price, it might seem like the best place to look And it is! Sort of. The latest Steam sale is a bit of an odd one, listing dozens of popular, excellent survival games – but at full price. The likes of No Man’s Sky, Terraria, and Valheim are, so far, not getting discounted for the event, and while that seems like a missed opportunity, there are a couple of gems worth paying some attention to.

Rust is one of them, discounted to $19.99. It’s a vast and deep survival game that combines a robust PvP experience with open-world exploration where you can, and should, do whatever it takes to survive. That could mean building relationships with others and forming teams to survive, or it might revolve around exploring the industrial skeleton of an extinct civilization, sniffing out secrets underground and beneath the waves that might help you last another night.

Facepunch recently pushed a significant update that completely overhauls Rust’s weapons and makes combat more satisfying and intuitive. This was just a few months after the game’s big railway update, so there’s never been a better time to give it a try.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is another worthwhile survival game, and “Juggernaut Edition” is the important distinguishing factor here. You might have heard State of Decay 2 was just “okay” when it first launched, but Juggernaut Edition is much better.

It packs in all the DLC plus a raft of improvements, including enhanced graphics, better controls, and a new map. There’s no end of zombie survival games out there, but State of Decay 2 does such an excellent job of combining survival with base building that it’s hard to pass up – especially for just $10.14

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