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Sacred 3 is ready, says Deep Silver; release brought forward to August 1st

Sacred 3 launches August 1st

Delays are part and parcel of game development, so it’s a pleasant surprise when a title launches earlier than anticipated, rather than six months later. Sacred 3, Deep Silver’s co-op action RPG was slated for the end of August, but it’s been kicked forward to August 1st. 

How confident.

Deep Silver said that the new release date is due to the game simply being ready, so they decided to ship it earlier. But as Eurogamer slyly points out, a certain heavyweight in the genre is also launching in August.

Diablo III Ultimate Edition is due out halfway through the month and would have been out before Sacred 3, initially. No more, however.

Deep Silver have also shown off on of Sacred 3’s new features: Weapon Spirits. Take a gander below.

Sacred’s rag tag group of heroes can squeeze spirits inside their weapons, which seems rather rude, and imbue their arms with boons and the occasional drawback. Novelly, the weapons retain the personality of the spirit they’re empowered by.

I do, however, hope that they don’t pepper battles with pitiful battle cries as the trailer suggests. Not unless there’s an option to gag them. Do swords even have mouths?

Cheers, Eurogamer.