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Sagas for everyone: Stoic and King settle trademark dispute

Stoic vs. King dispute settled

The saga of King vs. Stoic is finally over, The Banner Saga developer announced on its website recently. The dispute kicked off over January, when Candy Crush Saga developer King filed a notice of opposition against Stoic when it tried to trademark The Banner Saga. King cited “confusion in the marketplace” as the reason.

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“Stoic is pleased to have come to an agreement with King regarding Stoic’s The Banner Saga trademark, which enables both parties to protect their respective trademarks now and in the future,” the developer posted on its website.

While King looked like the villains of this drama, if King wasn’t defending it’s own trademark then it would set a precedent, making it easier for actual copy cats, which the Candy Crush Saga developer knew that Stoic was not.

Stoic said it would not make a viking saga without the word “saga”, and that the notice of opposition threatened The Banner Saga’s planned sequels. If both parties have secured their trademarks, it looks like this will no longer be an issue. So we can expect more beards and battles.

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