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Cancelled Saints Row PlayStation Portable game released for free

Saints Row Undercover

I know what you’re thinking: why are PCGamesN writing about a cancelled PSP game? Well, there’s this thing called emulation, and it lets you play games that were built for consoles. Isn’t the future brilliant?  

Instead of messing about with emulation, you could just play every game in our list of the best games on PC.

While emulation is a morally grey area, it’s generally accepted to be okay if you already own the games. In the case of the cancelled Saints Row game (called Saints Row: Undercover) it’s just been released for free anyway, so go nuts.

Volition showed off the unfinished game in a livestream recently, and they have since released the file to a videogame archive site called Unseen64, where you can download it for free.

The game, which is fully playable despite being incomplete, works with any PSP emulator, so you can have it running on your PC tonight if you have a little bit of knowledge on emulation.

Saints Row: Undercover features player customisation, has a story, an open-world, and all the things you’d expect from a Saints Row game. It’s also really ugly, so it’s everything you’d expect from a PSP game, too. Still, it’s an unreleased slice of videogame history.

If you want to have a glimpse of a handheld Saints Row that never quite materialised, head over to Unseen64and download it.

Would you be up for grabbing it, or is it too much messing about? Can’t make it past the draw distance? Let us know your thoughts in that lovely space down there.