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Saints Row 4 trailer reveals a naked, gooey, but very much alive, Johnny Gat


Saints Row 4 is out now; here’s our Saints Row 4 review.

We all entered this world naked and covered in goop (well, except possible for Tobias Funke) but few of us have entered it twice in that manner. One of those to hold the honour, if the new Saints Row 4 trailer is to be trusted, is Johnny Gat, head of the Saints.

Having supposedly died early on in Saints Row The Third he’s back to fight aliens in Saints Row 4.

Arriving covered in a slick layer of pink goo is one way to make an entrance. I’m more of a fan of the surrounded by doves approach but they both have their pros and cons.

It looks as though Gat may be a playable character from the trailer and that his portion of the game would be largely spent shooting holes into things, thus making him much like all the other characters in the game.

Saints Row 4 is due out on 23 August.