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Saints Row IV GAT V Pack free today on Steam: dress as Johnny, fire a combat knife launcher


Oh, Volition. You’re so naughty. The Saints Row outfit have chosen today of all days to launch a costume DLC pack named GAT V. On account of its inclusion of a Johnny Gat skin, see. Perfectly logical bit of nomenclature. Nothing to see here.

“Want to buy GAT V on PC?,” ask the developers. “Too bad! Because we made the GAT V pack FREE on Steam for today only!”

The pack contains costumes for “star-crossed lovers” Gat and Aisha – and as they header image can attest, they’re not restricted by gender. Beyond that, there’s the inclusion of two new weapons: a heavy machine gun, and a presumably even heavier combat knife launcher. I sought out footage of the latter on YouTube, but it’s actually a bit horrible – so I’ll leave you to discover that on your own time.

The pack will be free for the duration of today, at which point I’m not sure what’ll cost. Not very much, probably. But more than ‘free’. There’s a trailer I’d recommend you watch on the Steam page.

I quite like Volition’s philosophy: what you can’t have, take the piss out of. And court PC gamers while you’re at it. What do you reckon?