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Saints Row IV Thank You Pack throws free outfits at you like Gatsby in that mansion scene


No, thank you Saints Row IV; which we loved in our Saints Row 4 review. Volition’s superpower sim made the open-world protagonist a hero again, and succeeded in offending the Australian Classification Board with something that was neither sex nor violence – alien narcotics. It was a potent cocktail, and has proven succesful enough that the developers want to thank us the only way they know how – by developing slightly more Saints Row IV.

“This free outfit pack should be construed in no way as an attempt to get back into your good graces following a prematurely-released game patch,” they write.

The pack was released today as DLC, and you can download it immediately from its own lude corner of Steam. As you can see, it comprises three new clothing options: a Conan-via-Vin-Diesel number, a dress-blown-off-by-a-grenade look, a sort of pimp-Bondian two-piece, and a barely-there affair that outdoes its look-at-me top with a truly look-at-me bottom.

You’ll find two new weapon costumes in there too: the Oppressor Minigun and Oppressor Minelayer.

Which will you be donning first? I’d suggest that the latter is strictly endgame attire, though Volition have negated to label it as such.