Saints Row: Gat out of Hell’s cast work out their problems through the power of song

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell musical

Spontaneously bursting into song is a tried and tested method of working through problems, whether you’ve lost your car keys, or your father is Satan and he wants you to marry an ex-gang leader turned puckish rogue and superhero. 

Volition’s Saint’s Row IV – one of my favourite games from last year – parodied everything from Mass Effect to They Live, so the next logical step was, of course, a full length musical number. And we’ll be getting exactly that in the standalone expansion, Gat out of Hell. Take a gander below if you don’t mind spoiling the treat. 

Along with belting out cheesy tunes, Johnny Gat and fellow Saint, Kinzie, will be getting up to the sorts of shenanigans you might expect from a Saints Row spin-off, including employing fancy superpowers to travel around the open world of New Hades while smacking the sin out of the demonic population.

It looks like a hoot.

Gat out of Hell is just over a month away, bursting out of the fiery pits on January 23rd.

Cheers, IGN.