Saints Row IV’s first SDK has been released, letting modders make their own loopy weapons

Saints Row IV SDK

The SDK for last year’s super-powered Saints Row IV has been released over on the Saints Row mod forums. Well, the first part of the SDK. This means you can replace the game’s already colourful assortment of weapons with monstrous creations of your own.

Saints Row IV mods are nothing new, but until now modders have been restricted to fiddling with the bits and pieces that already exist in the game. That’s allowed them to do some great stuff, like creating a first-person mod.

Alongside version A of the SDK, Volition has provided an archive of all the weapons for Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV as well as a weapon preview of the Damned Impaler from the newly-announced Gat out of Hell expansion.

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There’s a tutorial to help you get started, detailing how you can replace weapons with custom models and textures. At the moment, you can’t simply add new weapons – they need to replace existing ones. But Volition is working on a patch that will allow modders to add without replacing. Modders won’t be able to add new effects or animations, either.

Hopefully this will keep folk busy until Gat out of Hell launches on January 27th.

Cheers, RPS.