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Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD $200 cheaper this Black Friday

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD is currently available at an enormous 53% discount for Black Friday, so now is the perfect time to upgrade to a Gen 4 PCIe NVMe

Samsung 980 PRO SSD on a space-based background near a game controller - this is on sale for Black Friday.

Samsung NVMe SSDs are currently available at the hugely discounted rate of $179.99 USD, which means they’ve been reduced by $200 (53% off), so it might just be time for an upgrade! It’s the kind of fantastic deal that you only see around Black Friday. All praise our hungry lord and master, Capitalizmo – but not if you’re in the UK, as the deal is exclusive to those in the States.

If you’re using an earlier model, you’ll find that this NVMe SSD is a considerable step-up from the PCIe 3.0, because it manages to deliver double the transfer rate of its predecessor, helping you to achieve maximum download speeds of up to 7,000MB/s. Meanwhile, if you’ve been using an SATA SSD before now, then holy moly, get ready for it to blow your hair back, because it’s 12 times faster than that decrepit old dinosaur. No disrespect, SATA, we still love you.

This piece of hardware is specifically designed with hardcore gamers in mind. As one of the best SSD for gaming, it can offer heavy-duty bandwidth and throughput for big, next gen games that would otherwise really put your machine to the test. Worried about long loading times? Well, you should be because they’re officially on the endangered species list. Just read our guide on how to install an SSD, get it all set-up, and you’re away.

As a final note, this comes with a reliable thermal control system. After all, if that wasn’t in place, it might catch fire, burn down your house, and kill your whole family. So because it respects the sanctity of human life, it comes with nickel coating to help manage the heat level, and combined with its heat spread label, it is able to offer solid thermal control for the NAND chip.

Remember that you can start a free Amazon Prime trial in order to get next-day delivery for free – and you can cancel if you only want the trial, so you never have to pay.

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