DDR5 RAM module from Samsung has mammoth 512GB capacity

Yes, you read that right

RAM stick with a dark-green PCB

DDR5 RAM will start appearing in more and more of the best gaming PC builds once AMD’s Zen 4 and Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs come to market later this year and into 2022. We’ve seen a few manufacturers reveal their latest memory modules, and Samsung is next in line, showcasing a DDR5 stick with a whopping 512GB capacity. That’s one thousand times the capacity of the 512MB stick you would’ve found in your typical 2005 PC. Not too shabby, right?

This high capacity is achieved by stacking eight layers of 16GB RAM chips across the stick. With Samsung’s new HKMG process, the chance of memory leakage is reduced significantly, and power consumption is reduced by 13% to boot. It also doubles the bandwidth of DDR4, with speeds of up to 7,200 Mbps.

Don’t expect to see this module appear on our guide to the best gaming RAM any time soon, however: Samsung’s aiming these high-capacity modules at workstations, as they’re “ideal for bandwidth-intensive advanced computing applications”. Something something still not enough to run Chrome har har.

Meanwhile, in the consumer DDR5 world, you’re more likely to be picking up a 32GB capacity set in the near future.

512GB of RAM in your own PC may seem outlandish now, and this module is likely to be prohibitively expensive. But, looking very far into the future, the amount of memory in your PC might not be too different to this.