Samsung 870 EVO 2TB SSD drops to its lowest price ever on Amazon

The Samsung 870 EVO 2TB is one of the largest solid state drives you can get for $160, and doesn't need a precious NVMe slot to store your games

The Samsung 870 EVO 2TB SSD is the perfect companion for those looking for more storage – and let’s face facts, we’re always on the hunt for more space when games like Warhammer 40,000 Darktide and The Callisto Protocol take up between 50GB and 75GB an install. Fortunately, the solid state drive is currently the lowest price it’s ever been on Amazon.

The deal is on Amazon US only, as North American residents can get $100 (37%) off the Samsung 870 EVO 2TB SSD, putting it at $159.99 USD. You’re not completely out of luck if you live in the UK, however, as the 1TB version with the same specs is down 20%, bringing the price to £89.00 GBP1

It’s not quite the best SSD for gaming with 560MB/s sequential read speeds and 530MB/s write speeds, as that crown goes to faster NVMe M.2 drives. However, these speeds are plenty for gaming and a huge step up from a mechanical hard drive, improving load times to the point you’ll never be the one holding everyone in the lobby back. There are only a few M.2 ports per motherboard anyway, and most PC cases have enough space for a 2.5-inch SSD somewhere under the hood.

Subscribing to Amazon Prime means you’ll see the Samsung 870 EVO 2TB reach your doorstep even sooner, thanks to next-day delivery. You’ll already know this if you’re an Amazon fan, and if you’re not, you can try the plan out without spending a penny thanks to its 30-day free trial.