Samsung’s mammoth 49-inch curved gaming monitor is up to 27% cheaper today

It's a big monitor with big savings right now

There are plenty of things to factor in when choosing the best gaming monitor for you, such as what games you play and the desk space you have available. If you have the room, though, this curved gaming monitor from Samsung with a titanic 49-inch screen is the perfect choice for immersive gaming in the latest graphical masterpieces like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, not to mention productivity with its 32:9 aspect ratio being the equivalent of two 1440p 27-inch monitors stuck together.

There are only a few other 49-inch monitors like this on the market right now, and with a DQHD 5120x1440p resolution, you'll need to make sure you also have one of the best graphics cards to boot.

Over on Amazon US, there's a 27% discount bringing this beast down to $1,099 from $1,499. For Amazon UK customers, there's an 18% discount of £201, reducing its £1,099 price tag to £898.99. UK customers can also get it shipped to their home in time for Christmas – if you're feeling extremely generous, that is…

Behind the 49-inch screen lies a VA panel with a moderate 1800R curvature and DisplayHDR 1000 certification, which is tech-speak to let you know it’ll have great viewing angles, a nice colour contrast, and deep blacks. Despite it’s gargantuan size, it’s still a gaming monitor at heart, with a 120Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync 2.0 support – and you may be able to get FreeSync on your Nvidia graphics card, too.

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This last minute deal won’t be around forever, though – if you’ve had your eyes on a 49″ monitor recently this is worth a look.