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Save $400 on this 34-inch Samsung OLED gaming monitor if you act fast

With an ultrawide 3,440 x 1,440 resolution and 175Hz refresh rate, the Samsung Odyssey G8 G85SB gives you a lot of monitor for under $800.

One of the ultimate overall gaming monitor combos right now is an ultrawide, 34-inch, WQHD OLED with a fast refresh rate, and that’s exactly what you get in this amazing Samsung OLED gaming monitor deal right now. With a saving 33% off its original asking price, this display gets you stunning image quality, fantastic gaming performance, and an ideal screen size.

We’ve been more and more impressed by Samsung’s QD-OLED gaming monitors recently, with its G95SC – the 49-inch bigger brother to this display – being our pick for the best gaming monitor overall right now. However, the size of this 34-inch monitor offers just the right balance, being big enough and wide enough to make games and movies look amazing, but without being too enormous.

The advantages of an OLED panel are well documented, but to reiterate, this panel will produce amazing image quality thanks to each pixel being able to turn itself off completely and produce true blackness, unlike with an LCD. This makes for stunning contrast, which brings depth and realism to whatever you’re viewing. The strong brightness and colors of Samsung’s QD-OLED tech also ensure colors look vivid and HDR content pops.

OLED is also ultra-fast when it comes to response time, so this will be a fantastic display for fast gaming. The 175Hz refresh rate isn’t the very fastest available these days, but it’s still ample for all but the most competitive of play. You also get AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which will guarantee your games are free of image tearing and stutter when used with modern graphics cards.

There’s also a built-in smart TV interface with this display, which means you can quickly access streaming services and more. There’s even a remote control included, so you can easily control the TV interface and navigate the menus, plus there are half-decent speakers built into the panel.

We love the design of this monitor as well. The slim edges of the panel gently widen towards the center of the display, while the silvery finish offers a refreshing change from the black of most gaming monitors. There’s even RGB lighting on the rear that’s quite elegantly integrated.

One slight oddity is that the only inputs are two USB-C ports and one mini DisplayPort connection, so it’s not ideal for hooking up consoles as well as your PC, but it’s still great as a main PC display.

You can pick up the Samsung Odyssey G8 G85SB at this new lower price both on Amazon and directly from Samsung’s website right now, with both the US and UK able to take advantage of the offer (although in the UK the display is cheaper on Amazon – links at the top of the page). For more OLED gaming monitor options, check out our MSI MPG 271QRX review, which covers everything you need to know about this 360Hz, 27-inch OLED panel.