Satisfactory update 6 includes a boombox with a bee-melting bass boost

Satisfactory Update 6 has arrived in Early Access, adding the new boombox, the Spire Coast rework, and lots of new changes for the building game

Satisfactory Update 6: A Pioneer wearing overalls and a visored helmet holds a yellow boom box over their head

You’ll want to turn up the bass for Satisfactory update 6, which is out now for the early access building game. Update 6, which has been bouncing around in the experimental branch for a while now, also includes new AI for creatures, a reworked Spire Coast, additional ammo types, and much more.

First up, there’s the boombox, featured in this charming ‘Say Anything’-inspired trailer below. You can use it to play music you find on audio cassettes that you find around the world, but it has a secret power: bass boost. You can turn that on for some surprising effects, Coffee Stain says, and those appear to include absolutely melting swarms of angry bees.

YouTube Thumbnail

Update 6 also adds new body equipment slots. Rather than the single slot that’s been handling everything up to now, you’ll have slots for your head, body, legs, and back – which allows you to wear just about every piece of body equipment available.

Speaking of equipment, there are new ammunition types for all ranged weapons. These include things like homing rifle rounds and a mini-nuke, so you get a pretty wide range of mayhem represented in this patch.

Update 6 also includes a full rework of the Spire Coast, plus some adjustments to the Swamp biome meant to make it grosser and swampier.

The full patch notes for update 6 are available on Steam.