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SavyGamer bundle is grab bag of greatness for less than a tenner

SavyGamer bundle

Your go to site for game deals should already be SavyGamer. Its owner, Lewie Procter, gathers together all the best deals from around the internet and posts them in a single place.

He’s just made a new reason to visit, his very own game bundle. It’s got all the good games, too.

The inaugural bundle features Death Ray Manta, Derrick the Death Fin, Frozen Synapse, Richard & Alice, and SpaceChem.

Any one of the games is worth the £6.19 asking price, so if your collection is lacking then you should pick this up.

Of particular note are SpaceChem and Frozen Synapse. SpaceChem is the best puzzle game on PC. Really. There’s nothing as challenging or rewarding. Frozen Synapse is one of the best multiplayer games on PC. It’s a turn-based Counter-Strike and it’s exceptionally good fun.

Go here for the SavyGamer bundle.