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Say “cheerio” to John Carmack by playing RAGE for free


I doubt that these two things are linked, but sandy, post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE is free all weekend, and playing it might not be the worst way to bid John Carmack a fond farewell as he leaves id Software to invest all his time with Oculus Rift. Not the worst way, but not the best, either, as RAGE isn’t very good. 

RAGE is free on Steam until 1PM PST on Sunday, so you still have plenty of time to take it for a spin if you’ve never stepped foot inside its dreary future world. It’s a servicable shooter with a poorly realised world, shoddy characters and a bland, almost non-existent story. But it’s definitely worth the price tag of free.

If it grips you and you want to play more after the weekend, RAGE is also on sale until Monday. At 75 percent off, that’s just over £3, which isn’t bad at all. Cheerio, John Carmack.