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Kamiya wants Bayonetta 3 and Okami 2 once Scalebound is out

This lady is Bayonetta - a witch with access to firearms.

Platinum Games' often brusque co-founder Hideki Kamiya has hinted at the possibility of Bayonetta 3 and an Okami sequel once Scalebound is wrapped up.

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In interviews with both Polygon and Metro from E3, the Devil May Cry creator made several references to Bayonetta 3 as well as some more speculative hints at continuing Okami.

When asked by Polygon if he would consider making Bayonetta 3 next, Kamiya answered: "To answer your question straightly, yes. It's actually something I've been thinking a lot about. We've talked a lot about it internally at the company and I've written some outlines for what the game would be. And I feel really confident it would be cool if we got the chance to make it."

Platinum Games holds full rights to Bayonetta and would be able to begin production whenever a publishing schedule had been agreed, however Okami is a more difficult matter but not an impossible chance.

Kamiya produced Okami under previous studio Clover Studio, as part of a publishing deal with Capcom. However in an interview with Metro, he revealed he has been in informal talks with Capcom and made further subtle hints that a return of Amaterasu could be on the cards.

"I go drinking with [Capcom producer Jun] Takeuchi quite a bit," Kamiya said. "And every time we go drink he’s like, ‘Let’s do something, man! Let’s do something, man!’ And I continue to say, ‘Let’s do something, man! Let’s do something!’"

He then suggested he was 'pulling a Phil Spencer' by wearing t-shirts that hint at future games out at public expos, as his featured a wolf.

Scalebound, his current project, is set for release on PC and Xbox One sometime in 2017, so don't expect Bayo to appear on your doorstep any time soon.

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unwanted avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
unwanted Avatar
1 Year ago

Ready for Bayonetta 3

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Really couldn't care less about Bayonetta.

Okami, though, was one of the defining moments of the Playstation2. I might even go so far as to say that it was the high point of exploration-based 3D action platformers. It was better than any Zelda game by miles, which is why Nintendo tried to copy it with Twilight Princess. And I say that as a Nintendo fan.

It's a genre that, outside of Nintendo and the odd title elsewhere, is pretty much dead. And I always found that sad. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really think that the only person who doesn't have fond memories of Okami are those who a.) haven't played it, or b.) are doing it just to be contrarian because it isn't mainstream enough (see: Undertale). GOTTA BE THE 'STREAM and all that. But I'm not, so I loved Okami.

I loved it, and I very much want more.