Next-gen Scorn gameplay revealed

We've got a new look at Scorn from Inside Xbox

Yeah, we thought this was an Alien game, too – but apparently not! It is, instead, Scorn, the forthcoming horror shooter from Ebb Software. The latest trailer wears Ebb’s Giger influences on its moist, fleshy sleeve and exudes the disconcertingly sexualised dread that the Swiss painter was known for.

In it, an unidentified (and apparently flayed) individual manipulates a variety of grotesquely glistening tubes and pustules in order to awaken what appears to be a pregnant, humanoid creature. After enacting some kind of transfusion, a cordyceps-y bloom erupts from its head, surrounding a probing blue eye at its centre. Hot.

In the background while all of this is going on, a Garthim-esque (y’know, those beefy beetles from The Dark Crystal) creature struggles to move inside what looks like heavy armour, while towering bone-like structures stretch above out of the hazy darkness, and two more creatures lay rotting and fused mid coitus. It’s a cheery old scene and one that, Microsoft promises, is all rendered in-engine. If that’s the case, I’m sold.

Take a look at the trailer below (but make sure you’ve finished eating first).

YouTube Thumbnail

The game was actually announced all the way back in 2014, and suffered an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign shortly thereafter. We covered it again back in 2016, with early details suggesting some non-linear Metroidvania elements.

A Giger-esque first-person Metroidvania with next-gen moistness certainly sounds enticing to me.