Scrap Mechanic shifts 100,000 copies after two weeks on Early Access

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic, for those unaware, is a neat multiplayer sandbox game about building and crafting and steering clear of angry robots that jumped from Steam Greenlight to Early Access on January 20. It’s since proved rather popular there, having sold over 100,000 copies in just over a fortnight. 

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In Scrap Mechanic, the aim of the game is to wander around its open world, gathering objects and building shelters, vehicles and contraptions. Neat gadgetry can also be equipped to your wares that allow it to come to life. Think Mechano mixed with Transformers set against a gorgeous vibrant cartoon backdrop and you’re somewhat on the right track.

Actually, it might be easier if I just show you these:

Cool, eh? More than a few other folk seem to think so too.

After Scrap Mechanic’s impressive start to its Early Access career, Kacper Antonius, the CEO of developer Axolot Games, had this to say: “We’re so happy and amazed that our community has grown so fast in such a short time. Scrap Mechanic is still in development but we already have a big, supportive and passionate audience, which really motivates us to make Scrap Mechanic the best game we possibly can.

“That’s the best way we can give back to our players.”

In its current Early Access guise, Scrap Mechanic offers its players Creative mode, however Axolot are hard at work developing Survival mode which will include a day and night cycle and “deadly” enemies to fight or flee from, among other features.