Scribblenauts Unlimited no longer limited to North American release


I bought Scribblenauts Unlimited on sale over Christmas, installed it, and then, then I waited. For no rhyme nor reason Scribblenauts wasn’t getting a global release. Not even an a-few-days-apart staggered release. If you lived in the US you could play Scribblenauts in 2012 if not then you had to wait till the switch was flipped in for the rest of the world months later in 2013.

Thankfully, that switch has finally been flipped and we can all enjoy the whimsical puzzler.

There’s exceedingly little else to write on the subject. Publisher Warner Bros were being silly, that silliness is over, you can buy the game through Steam.

Here is a trailer announcing Scribblenauts for what looks like one of those strange console devices.

Those people look happy. Suspiciously so.

Cheers, RPS.