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Scum’s map could be set to quadruple in size

Playing around with Scum's console commands gives players a peek beyond that curtain wall, at a map far larger than first thought


Scum’s 12x12km map could be set to get significantly larger. The game’s playable area is already 144 square kilometres, but some players have figured out that there could be a lot hiding beyond its current borders.

By using the concept command to teleport yourself into the air, high above the map, players have been able to look down on the entire game world. And it’s huge. The area that players are currently confined to seems to be only a quarter of the size of the island that the game takes place on. That’s not an exact figure, of course, but it could push the entire map to a whopping 576 square kilometres (around half the size of Just Cause 2’s Panau, for the record).

The first person to figure out how to spot the entire map appears to have posted their findings to a fan group on the Russian social network VKontakte. From there, it went to the game’s Discord, and was eventually made it all the way to the game’s subreddit.

The full map is easy enough to check it out for yourself. Load up the game in single player, and open text chat to bring up Scum’s admin commands. Once there, type “#teleport [insert character name] 0 0 1000000.” That’ll take you up into the sky, from where you can see the entire map as you fall back down to earth.

The playable area is enclosed within the wall at the edge of the current map, but you can see far more beyond that boundary. Sadly, at the moment, there’s not really anything there – just a flat wasteland with no proper textures or features.

As to when – or if – the game’s map is set to get any bigger, publisher Devolver Digital is playing coy. They told PCGamer that the game’s island “has more than what is seen at the moment,” and that “during Early Access the areas accessible to prisoners may change.” It might be easy enough for the team to open up some more of the map, but with plenty of open fields to trek across already, I’d suggest there’s plenty there to explore already.