You can now put your penis in a sock in the latest Scum update

Willy warmers are now live in Scum

There’s a new Scum update full of cheery winter features, new content, and bug fixes – okay, actually, let’s just cut to the chase. You and I both know that about 80% of our Scum coverage is penis-related, and judging by these updates developer Gamepires knows that too. This update includes a set of ‘willy warmers’ – socks designed to keep your penis warm.

Apparently this is a Croatian invention with a historical purpose in guarding against frostbite, and the patch notes even link out to a helpful Wikipedia article explaining that yes, these things are real. Some basic designs are available in the game, but supporter pack owners get a bonus that lets you dress up your genitals as an elephant.

There’s more substantial stuff in this update, too. Snow has fallen across the map, and that gives you access to new activities like snowball fights, snowman building, and sledding. You’ve also got fortifications now, which will allow you to designate your home and put a lock on it. That means new lockpicking mechanics too, and you can put up to three locks on a door to discourage would-be invaders.

You can find our previous Scum penis coverage at that link. If that’s what you’re into.

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Scum sales have been darn impressive, and that success surely can’t be attributed completely to penis jokes. The Early Access title’s devotion to detail is perhaps a bit too serious, but it certainly seems to be helping Scum stand out from the crowd.