Sea of Thieves’ “biggest year yet” begins in 2021

Rare says it has "major news still to come" for Sea of Thieves' upcoming year

Even if individual updates have at times been slightly thin, it’s hard to deny that Sea of Thieves has had a pretty big year – its debut on Steam in June saw the pirate game quickly rocket into the top ten best-sellers list, and Rare has continued to push out updates like Vaults of the Ancients and Ashen Winds. However, as it gears up for the November update, Rare says to look toward the horizon, because 2021 may be Sea of Thieves’ biggest year ever.

The next major Sea of Thieves update arrives November 18, and in a post to the game’s official site, Rare says to temper expectations for this one – this is more a quality of life update aimed at squashing bugs and polishing up the core player experience. But the developer says that’s in service of laying the foundations for major changes coming in 2021 – although what exactly those might be is still a mystery.

The weekly challenges and voyages from Fate of the Damned will stay unlocked and available in the game through December 9, and Rare says it’s added content to the Vault of the Ancients update. With November’s update, you’ll be able to pick up treasure vault locations in Devil’s Roar, which means those can now become epic thanks to superheated seas and the like. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Sea of Thieves will run another Gold & Glory Weekend, granting double gold and reputation on all treasure you hand in.

What’s most exciting, though, is Rare’s language about future updates.

“We’ve got a special edition of [Sea of Thieves] News coming in the next few weeks that will talk about the December update, and we’ll also be talking about our plans heading into the new year”, the post reads. “We have some significant and exciting changes coming as we move into what’s likely to be Sea of Thieves’ biggest year yet, and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you all soon!”

Rare executive producer Joe Neate shared the post on Twitter, adding that he’s “incredibly proud” to be part of the team and that there’s “lots to come in 2021.”

“Might even add the Shrouded Ghost,” he said, in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the elusive megalodon that spawns so infrequently that some players think it’s no more than a legend.

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