Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails adds a three-player Brigantine ship

Sea of Thieves' Cursed Sails update brings a new three-person ship, the Brigantine

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Sea of Thieves latest free expansion is Cursed Sails, bringing undead skeleton crews bent on tormenting the living, and a host of new cosmetics and other significant features. Among the additions coming on July 31 is a brand-new ship for your and your pirate buddies to crew, finally offering a proper option for mid-sized groups.

The new Brigantine is built for three-person crews, sitting between the smaller one and two-person Sloops, and the big Galleons built for full, four-player crews. Rare’s provided a handful of images showcasing the Brigantine, and it appears to split the difference by requiring your crew to manage two sails instead of one or three.

Three-player groups have already been possible for a while, thanks to the addition of private crews – it’s just that now, there’s a ship built specifically to facilitate them. Rare had been teasing the Brigantine as part of previous podcasts and update videos, and we can finally expect to see it as part of this next update at the end of the month.

There’s plenty more to Cursed Sails, of course, but many of those details have already been revealed ahead of this official info dump. The central hook takes the form of new AI skeleton pirate ships, blockading outposts around the seas as part of a limited time campaign. There’ll be a series of battles against those ships, and a chance to investigate the cause behind the cursed crews.

We’ll also, of course, see permanent additions. Skeleton crews will be a regular AI threat, and there’ll be plenty of new skull-themed cosmetics to earn, as well as a new Hunter set. Perhaps the biggest new feature is the Alliance system, which will allow rival crews to make formal partnerships with each other.