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Rare put a PUBG easter egg in Sea of Thieves

pubg weapons pan

Sea of Thieves is laden with easter eggs honoring its intrepid beta testers, but Rare have referenced plenty of other games too, and the latest one to be uncovered should be familiar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players.

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Sly, an assistant community manager for PUBG, posted a screenshot from Rare’s pirate adventure to Twitter earlier today, featuring a famous item of kitchenware. It was, of course, PUBG’s infamous pan, which as well as being a handy melee weapon, is also bulletproof, which can come in extremely useful.

It’s possible, of course, that Rare simply left a skillet lying around entirely innocently, but given that Microsoft are in part responsible for shipping both PUBG and Sea of Thieves, and the studio’s penchant for easter eggs in general, that seems unlikely.

Sadly, Sly didn’t let on where she found the skillet, so you’ll have to go hunting for yourself if you want to find it. Even more sadly, it doesn’t seem that you can pick it up, meaning you’ll have to find some other defence against enemy pirates’ blunderbuss blasts.