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Sea of Thieves tops Steam charts again despite the efforts of two Forza Horizon 4s

The Pirates of the Caribbean update and Steam Summer Sale has allowed Sea of Thieves to stay as number one.

Sea of Thieves Steam charts

People really seem to love pirate games on PC, apparently, as Sea of Thieves is once again the number one best-selling game on Steam for the second week in a row. This is most likely down to the big Pirates of the Caribbean crossover that just launched, although two versions of Forza Horizon 4 are nipping at its grog-stained boots.

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is once more at the top of the Steam global top sellers chart, which has only happened a few times – including last week and when the game first landed on Steam last year. The reason for this surge in popularity is undoubtedly due to the big A Pirate’s Life update – although having a 33% discount under the Steam Summer Sale probably helps too, bringing the price down to $26.79 / £23.44 / €26.79.

However, the sale ends this Thursday, July 8, and not one but two versions of Forza Horizon 4 have stormed up the charts and are holding at #2 (standard edition) and #5 (ultimate edition).

Playground’s popular racing game also benefits from a massive Steam sale discount, taking a whopping 50% off the price and bringing the standard edition down to $34.99 / £27.49 / €34.99. While this will also go up when the sale ends, it may still benefit from the excitement over Forza Horizon 5 coming later this year.

However, it could be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds having the last laugh and regaining the top spot next week, as PUBG’s huge new Taego map launches on July 7 – just before the end of the Steam sale. Expect big changes this time next week.