Where to find the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves

Find this powerful treasure in the latest Sea of Thieves update

A pirate pulling the Trident of Dark Tides out of a stone in Sea of Thieves. Jack Sparrow looks surprised.

Want to know how you can get your grubby mitts on the Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves? Well land-lubber, you best keep your looking glass handy cause this booty isn’t all that common in this pirate game, as it’s a powerful weapon sought after by the most fearsome scallywags of these seven seas.

The Trident is part of the free A Pirate’s Life update, which features characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean series – one of the best adventure movies out there (the first one that is) according to our sister site The Digital Fix. Teaming up with Captain Jack Sparrow, a perpetual drunk who keeps losing his ship, the Black Pearl, you’ll go on many adventures to find treasure, all while avoiding the wrath of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman.

So what of the Trident of Dark Tides? It’s not just a long pole with three pointed prongs, as it can also be wielded as a dangerous projectile weapon. If you pass our qualms with gold, we’ll tell you where you may find the Trident in Sea of Thieves, as well as explain the secrets behind its key destructive powers.

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Sea of Thieves Trident of Dark Tides locations

The Sea of Thieves Trident of Dark Tides can be found in the following places:

  • Washed up on beaches. Just scour the coast until you find one.
  • Sunk just off the shore of islands. Take a dip but don’t venture out too far into the sea.
  • Among loot gained by defeating the Megaladon, Kraken, or Skeleton Ships.
  • Inside Skeleton Fort Vaults. You’ll need to find the corresponding key to unlock them.
  • Inside the hull of a shipwreck. Just be mindful of how much air you still have in your lungs. You also can’t use a mermaid to get back to shore as they’ll take it from you.
  • During the events of the ‘A Pirate’s Life Tall Tales’ questline.

How does the Trident of Dark Tides work in Sea of Thieves?

The Trident of Dark Tides is a ranged weapon that fires bubbles at whatever you point it at. Hold down the fire button (default is left-click on your mouse) to begin charging a shot. As it charges, your bubble grows into one of three sizes. Larger bubbles are slower when fired, but they do more damage if they hit enemies. You can aim by holding down the secondary fire button (default is right-click on your mouse).

If you’re a particularly skilled pirate, you may want to fire a large bubble, then either hit that bubble with a shot from a gun, or a second, smaller bullet from the trident. Doing so will burst the bubble to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Much like the Ashen Winds Skull, you can keep track of the Trident of Dark Tides’ remaining firepower by inspecting how brightly the gem glows. Once it runs out of charge, it’ll fade away, so you’ll have to find a replacement if you want to keep firing bubbles at enemies.

Well then you scurvy sea dog, that’s all we know about the Trident of Dark Tides. Sea of Thieves is currently topping the Steam charts after the Pirates of the Caribbean update, so time to climb aboard.