Seasons After Fall Gamescom trailer shows pretty and painterly platforming

Seasons After Fall

Seasons After Fall just got a new trailer, teasing a bit more of its season-shifting story about a fox and its spirit guide. 

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As the fox, you have to listen to your spirit companion as you search together for the fragments of the Seasons. Acting as the spirit’s envoy, you have to meet with the Guardians of the Seasons, large ancestral creatures who embody the essence of the Season they are protecting.

Gathering up these fragments will allow you to complete the Ritual of the Seasons, which is the ultimate goal.

Manipulating the seasons, you will travel through a hand-painted world, filling up empty pits with autumn’s water and then freezing them over with winter’s ice, allowing you passage across. I’m looking forward to seeing what clever ways these mechanics are utilised.

Here’s the trailer: