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The forest fights back in episode two of our Seasons After Fall Let’s Play

seasons after fall let's play

If the word of the day was ‘awwww’ back in episode 1 when Phil and Alice got to grips with Seasons After Fall, the prevailing mantra this time out is “hmmmm”. The puzzles are getting trickier as the seasons change and alter the properties of the forest, which means there’s plenty of pause for thought for the young fox cub we guide around the woodland. Or should that be paws for thought? Nope, we just checked – definitely pause.

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The game begins by placing you in control of a floating orb, surrounded by other orbs. Should you be gathering them, or avoiding them? What are you, and where are you going? To all these questions, Seasons After Fall remains tight-lipped and simply shows you a glimmer of what might lie beyond your current situation.

Before too long you’ve possessed a fox and are tearing about collecting the souls of seasons to restore some kind of natural order, manipulating weather to progress through its puzzles. Check out episode 1 to see what we mean:

We enjoyed it a lot, anyway. If you think you might too, good news! It’s out now. Here’s the Steam store page for you.

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