The second part of Arma 3’s campaign launches today with a series of explosions and gruff soldier types

Arma 3 episode Adapt launches

The second part of Arma III’s campaign, titled “Adapt”, launches today, and will put players in the uncomfrotable boots of Ben Kerry, a soldier trapped on the island of Altis.

These episodes aim to familiarise players with Arma’s mechanics but are framed in a narrative, unlike the Showcases. The first episode introduced basic infantry features, while Adapt will expand the campaign into the sandbox where guerrilla tactics will be required to fight off a larger, better-equipped foe. 

Adapt is part of a free update on Steam which will be added to your game automatically.

The third and final chapter in the campaign, “Win”, will launch in March, which should give you plenty of time to work through the tough challenges facing Kerry and chums.